What is Fleet Management?

Fleet Management is a full fleet management of any modern and proactive company that enables the company to realize significant cost savings, speed up and simplify business processes, and serves its clients on a higher level.

Fleet costs, and the possible misuse in this field are often significant item in the budget of every company, but with telemetry systems and modern communication solutions, these costs can be successfully reduced. With our Fleet Management solutions fleet management becomes simple, high-quality and effective.

What is Smartivo vehicle tracking system?

A professional system for satellite vehicle tracking and fleet management application that using GPRS and GPS technology transmits real-time vehicle key-information, allowing permanent and total control over the fleet, and enables ongoing interaction with drivers.

Whether the installation of satellite fleet surveillance pays off?

Smartivo system for satellite fleet surveillance proved itself as very effective tool for achieving cost savings. These savings are primarily related to the reduction of fuel consumption and reduce mileage, reduces administration costs and increases efficiency of the staff. According to the experience of our clients and partners, investing in vehicle tracking system is worth already after 4-8 months.

How long lasts the warranty on devices for satellite vehicle tracking?

The warranty on the purchased equipment is two years from date of installation, and warranty on devices in the lease is valid as long as you use our satellite surveillance service.

Is it required to install Smartivo programme for satellite tracking?

No. Smartivo is a web application that requires no installation. All you need is internet connection and web browser.

Which type of vehicle tracking to choose?

For each potential partner individually and based on its needs and business, we are creating an offer to equip all vehicle types with satellite tracking.

Prices and payment methods?

Payment and conditions in the wholesale market are negotiated individually.

Who to contact in case of any difficulty with the use of a system for monitoring?

For all questions related to the work of Smartivo system at your disposal is our Customer service. Contact us by email or telephone. Customer Service is at your disposal every working day from 08:00 – 16:00.

Installation is made on the location of bidder or by appointment?

Installation can be carried out and at the location specified by the client, according to the agreement.

Do we need to buy devices or they can be rented?

We are able to offer two methods of payment, purchased equipment and rental equipment. In case you decide to buy the device, it is necessary to make one-time payment for the device and installation, and the monthly fee is charged each month and its amount depends on the type of service that is agreed upon. In the case of rental, useage of contracted services lasts at least 24 months, and the price of the device is included in a monthly fee. Installing tracking device in case of rental equipment is calculated also once.

Is it possible to arrange test period for certain vehicles, before the standard usage of service?

For potential partners we approve trial usage of Smartivo system in a period of 14 days so they can be convinced on their own vehicles of the advantages of using the system for fleet management.

Can Smartivo application be browsed on mobile devices?

Smartivo application is available for use on the iOS and Android operating system as well.

Can’t find the answer to your question on the website for Customer support.

If you have not found the answer to your question in part of customer support, please check our user manual, or send us your question.

Are the costs of data transfer included in the price?

The cost of data transfer from devices in vehicles is included. The entire cost of data transfer is included in the monthly fee of use. You can arrange to use exclusively in the national rates and / or by the roaming tariff for abroad. Prices vary, but always include the cost of data transmission.

Can the devices built into one vehicles be moved from vehicle to vehicle?

Our technical service can move the device from vehicle to vehicle, where the procedure itself usually takes no more than an hour and a half.

What is module for the administration and fleet management?

Module for the administration is part of Smartivo system, which serves as a unique database of vehicles. Here are the records of insurance, ordinary or extraordinary maintenance, loan payments, annual registration. Consequently, it is possible to get the notification when approaching deadline for registration, for regular maintenance, to replace the tires and similar.

Can reports be printed directly from the system?

Reports can be printed directly from Smartivo system. Also, reports can be exported in the form of MS Excel or CSV documents.

What is obligate to have to use Smartivo applications?

Smartivo application is web based, which means that it is sufficient to have only web browser for its use and is not necessary to download and install additional programs. Since the browser is the base for work application, it is necessary that the same is functional.

Which browsers are compatible for Smartivo applications?

Compatible browsers are suitable for the work of our applications as Google Chrome (also the recommended browser), Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge. Compatible Browsers of mobile apps are iOS Safari and Android: Google Chrome.

What must be set in the browser settings?

Enable cookies (cookies) so all elements of our application could work; for the proper operation of applications it is necessary to enable JavaScript and pop-up windows; minimum screen resolution for optimal viewing should be 1024×768, and if you use the Netbook and have problems with the survey, try to set the resolution to 1200×800.

For the best possible experience using our product, we recommend that you do not use the zoom feature in your web browser. Reset the zoom level to the default 100% using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+0 (Windows) or Cmd+0 (OS X). Using anything other than 100% zoom level may result in a degraded visual experience.